The sokrates & turtle metapost

Hello Sokrates! What a beautiful day.

Yes, it's the perfect weather to philosophize a little bit in the sun.

What question are you pondering on today?

Well, you know, I was just thinking about the two of us. What are we doing here?

Well, if you ask me like that, it always starts with the fact that I arrive here and wish you a wonderful day. Then you say that it's just the perfect weather to philosophize, and I'll ask you what topic you are bending your mind around.

That's right, now that you mention it, I realize that our meetings always begin with the same three sentences. I haven't noticed until now.

And your topics are always ... well ... somehow unexpected. You always look at things from a very peculiar point of view.

This must be on me. Sometimes I almost believe someone else is talking in my head. Seems to be a funny guy.

But we always enjoy our conversations very much. At first I am often confused, sometimes almost annoyed. But in the end I can always say that I have learned something. May it be just a different view of something that I had previously taken for granted. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.

Same for me. I am looking forward to meeting you again.


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